BtoB’s Comeback Is On Its Way…

BtoB’s Comeback Is On Its Way…
Photo Credit: Cube DC

By Janine Bower | September 5, 2012

Earlier in March, Cube Entertainment‘s newest boy band had all the buzz. Titled BtoB, the rookies premiered in April with their debut mini-album, Born to Beat (the meaning of their name), and edged their way into the mainstream with a growing resume of international showcases. Now nearly a half a year later, and these busy rookies are back and ready to debut their second mini-album, Press-Play.

Supposedly, Press-Play will be showcasing a ’90s feel, especially with the album’s title track, “Wow.” Knowing what that type of feel means for the K-pop industry, it remains to be seen what BtoB specifically wants to bring back from the baggy-pant, hair-gel ridden era. But if you’re down for a ’90s revamp of BtoB’s rookie style, you’re not alone. A-Pink‘s Eunji and Seo In Guk, the actors of the popular drama, Reply 1997seem to be the most nostalgic and in support of BtoB’s impending comebackTheir messages can be found along with encouragement from BtoB’s fellow labelmates, Beast and 4Minute.

Last time we caught a glimpse of BtoB was with their past two tracks, “Father” and “Irresistible Lips.” Thanks to those songs we know they can sing, and since their debut we’ve seen that they can handle some serious dancing. Perhaps it’s going to take a ’90s makeover to see BtoB really bust out. Let’s wait to see what happens when their debut album Press-Play drops on September 12.

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