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Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In Wings In A “TinkerBell” Teaser

Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In Wings In A “TinkerBell” Teaser
Photo Credit: LOEN Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 25, 2012

It seems that Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In has taken the phrase “pixie-blonde” to a whole new level. The new teaser for her upcoming single, “TinkerBell,” features some enchantingly high-pitched vocals and a look that’s positively sprightly. We wonder what the full MV is going to sound like when it finally premieres on October 5…

Throughout her teaser, Ga-In plays with her good and evil side, assailing her audience with the tinkle of her characteristically high voice. (Remember that high note in “Sixth Sense?” It’s like that on overdrive.) But just because “TinkerBell” was inspired by a children’s fairytale, doesn’t mean that Ga-In forgets to play up her sex appeal. Her repeated breaths read very sexy indeed. Peter Pan, you might have a harder time controlling this mischievous sprite.

But why is this teaser so unique? It’s probably because Ga-In, for the most part, has been known as an overtly sexual entertainer with a flair for darker drama. Her last solo single, “Irreversible,” featured the accidental homicide of her husband after he murdered Ga-In’s abusive she-pimp. Brown Eyed Girls’ latest promotions of note were for the MV, “Sixth Sense,” where a dirty and bruised Ga-In was tied to a chair. Ga-In’s been beat up, thrown down and killed in a ridiculous line of dark MV’s, so much so that Eat Your Kimchi‘s Simon and Martina parodied Ga-In’s love of all thinks dark. That’s why we’re so floored that Ga-In goes adorable, albeit sex-fueled, in her current flight of fancy.

Should we really be surprised with Ga-In’s transformation? Do you think she’s genuinely dropping the sexy act with her latest “TinkerBell” teaser?

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