Brian Joo and Heather Park To Perform in Los Angeles Musical

Brian Joo and Heather Park To Perform in Los Angeles Musical
Photo Credit: Silent Tears Official Website

By Janine Bower | September 18, 2012

Guess who will be starring in an all-new musical experience next month? The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California will see the musical talents of Korean-American performers Heather Park and Brian Joo come to life. The show: Loving the Silent Tears. The date: October 27.

Why in fact would you want to miss this musical extravaganza? The answer is you won’t as this Broadway-esq musical boasts an ensemble of some of the most acclaimed international artists on the musical scene. Other than Brian Joo, the K-pop icon originally from Fly To The Sky turned Jellyfish Entertainment soloist, and Heather Park, the “Seoul Diva” known for her deeply powerful R&B style, the cast of Loving the Silent Tears is a veritable potpourri of titans in their respective musical fields.

Loving the Silent Tears is a cultural experience that is the first of its kind ever. Artists and composers from 16 different countries will put music to the insightful poetry of Vietnamese humanitarian and spiritual healer, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Now, Vincent Patterson, the Tony nominee who directed both Madonna‘s Blond Ambition Tour, and Michael Jackson‘s This Is It Tour, is on board with the show’s stellar cast. Using the gift of poetry and sound, Loving the Silent Tears carries the tagline, “May each one find his peace.”

Photo Credit: Loving The Silent Tears Official Website

As Brian Joo and Heather Park prepare to take the stage on October 27, both seem excited to represent Korea and their Korean-American heritage. With music at the heart of this surreal experience, the cast and crew of this musical are looking forward to examining humanity’s collective search for enlightenment, while celebrating their unique identities. Sounds pretty wicked to us.

For more information about Loving the Silent Tears, see here. And tell us what you think about getting enlightened through music…

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