BOB4 Group Debuts with “Mystery Girl” Feat. Dal Shabet’s Viki

BOB4 Group Debuts with “Mystery Girl” Feat. Dal Shabet’s Viki
Photo Credit: Asian Dream Audio

By Janine Bower | June 15, 2012

So BOB4 stands for Band of Boys 4, and their debut pop-rock single has nothing to do with the pop-rock candies, but it does tingle nonetheless. Named “Mystery Girl,” even though we know who their feature artist is — former Dal Shabet leader Viki — the debut is smooth and spunky.

What’s perhaps the greatest thing about using “Mystery Girl” as their debut song is its memorable hook. Reminiscent of Maroon5′s “Moves Like Jagger,” when it hits that high range, lead singer Sung Yu Bin’s vocals shine with promise. If you take a listen to any of their pre-debut performances floating around YouTube (try JS & HyunA‘s ”Troublemaker“/ TaeTiSeo‘s ”Twinkle” rock cover on for size), Yu Bin’s vocal comfort is quite impressive in front of his talented bandmates. Plus his brother and drama actor Lee Tae Sung can be found in the MV alongside actress Kim Minsu.

As far as Viki’s accompaniment goes, short as it was, her punch of sweet and sour is like a sprinkling tease of the genre-bending trend that’s going on. Not totally pop, rock, rap, electronic or otherwise, this darkhorse group donning light-colored duds could totally trick their pop-rocking way onto a K-popper’s playlist.

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