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Block B’s Zico and Indie Group PIA Collab for Golden Time OST

Block B’s Zico and Indie Group PIA Collab for Golden Time OST
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By Janine Bower | September 18, 2012

Anyone a fan of Korean dramas? Have you gotten a chance to watch the medical drama Golden Time yet? Well, you might want to get on that because Block B‘s Zico and indie group Pia have teamed up to release a special single album as part of Golden Time‘s original soundtrack. And wouldn’t you know it, their dose of rap and indie rock is just what the doctor ordered in the collaborative single, “Oasis.”

Finding their own flair for drama, Pia crafts their indie sound around an orchestral arrangement, on a softer, more dramatic note. Creating the damning resonance of an epic medical drama soundtrack might seem hard to do, but with the help of producer Seung-eun Oh, and the hearty quality of Zico’s talented rapping, “Oasis” reads poignant and oddly soothing at parts.

It’s strange that this song fits so well with the high-energy theatrics of Golden Time‘s storyline, despite this track being created solely to match this drama’s action. Overlaying some heart-wrenching clips of what you might see throughout Golden Time‘s medical maneuvering, “Oasis” sings in a fateful way that crafts how one should interpret the chaos of hospital tragedy.

How did you feel when watching Block B’s Zico and Pia in the soundtrack MV for “Oasis?” 

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