Black Queen Teases First Single

Black Queen Teases First Single
Image Credit: Sun Woo Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | September 17, 2012

To the delight of their domestic and international fans, the South Korean dance team Black Queen is on the road to their official K-pop debut. After hitting up national talent competition Superstar K3 and embarking on a quick tour that brought Australia a taste of their sexy slide, the group recently dropped a couple of video teasers for their debut single, “Good Girl.” 

Though they’re technically rookie singers, Black Queen has been around for a few years now, amassing quite a fan base without ever singing a note. You might recognize them as the leggy ladies behind countless K-pop (and other-pop) dance covers on YouTube. Spectacular, no?

Now signed to Sun Woo Entertainment, Black Queen is gearing up to enter the K-pop scene very soon with five members Jandi, Jihyun, Rani, Sori and Jiyoung. Our take is that other girl groups need to step up their games because Black Queen is ready to shake things up.


You can also check out this making-of clip which takes viewers behind the scenes of Black Queen’s upcoming music video. Their official debut’s release date is not yet known.

We’re going to be honest here, it’s very easy to compare Black Queen to Rania, a group with a similar ‘sexy dancer’ vibe. However, what Black Queen’s teasers lack in glitz (the format is very plain), the ladies will undoubtably make up for in the final product. If you haven’t seen Black Queen work it before, take this opportunity to familiarize yourself:

Bringing down the house looks like chump change for the ladies of Black Queen. What do you think about their soon-to-debut talent?

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