BIGSTAR Wants You To “Shut Up”

BIGSTAR Wants You To “Shut Up”
Photo Credit: Brave Brother

By Janine Bower | September 28, 2012

After debuting this summer to the tune of netizen criticism, BIGSTAR has just released a teaser for their upcoming music video, strongly advising their haters to “Shut Up.” Alright, BIGSTAR, we’re listening…

Last July BIGSTAR dropped their debut music video for “Hot Boy.” With that classic Brave Brothers‘ sound, the five members of BIGSTAR looked more than capable of handling themselves in the sea of recent K-pop debuts. But apparently a large amount of negative feedback poured in after their debut, and here’s what BIGSTAR had to say:

This teaser is just a taste of what BIGSTAR really wants to say, and the MV really showcases their confident image. Responding with lines such as “you think you can say whatever because you have a mouth,” BIGSTAR even made a dig at the anti-fan cafes (websites created to propagate hate for a group) created exclusively about them. Is this a brave move, or a big rookie mistake? Perhaps BIGSTAR just needs to stake their claim in the Korean Entertainment biz. Who knows…

BIGSTAR’s agency, Brave Entertainment responded by saying, “The BIGSTAR members were hurt because of the hate comments. We couldn’t just let the actions that step on the members’ sweat, tears and dreams go. We’re going to reply back strongly from now on as well.” Obviously, BIGSTAR’s “Shut Up” comeback is not just an example of unwarranted rookie bravado by the group’s members. It’s great to see that BIGSTAR’s agency also supports their actions.

BIGSTAR will be debuting their first mini-album called Blossom on October 4, with the title track “I Remember”. Do you want to hear these boys telling their haters to “Shut Up” again?

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