BIGSTAR Releases Blossom Mini-Album and “Think” MV

BIGSTAR Releases Blossom Mini-Album and “Think” MV
Photo Credit: Brave Entertainment

By Janine Bower | October 5, 2012

It seems that five tracks is all BIGSTAR needs to make a mark with their comeback album. Dropping their Blossom mini along with the release of a music video for the album’s title track “Think,” it’s a wonder how anyone could have missed Brave Brothers‘ latest boy band.

The five songs on BIGSTAR’s Blossom mini-album include “Shut Up,” “Think,” “Closed Eyes,” “What To Do Tomorrow” and “New Person.” Whereas “Shut Up” comes off as BIGSTAR’s big man reaction to all of their haters, BIGSTAR’s latest MV for the track “Think” is more of a smoother love song that breaks into a nifty electronic slide. Also, the slight hint of rapping and member harmony in this track gives “Think” something of a retro feel. It’s nice and calm compared to the wild energy of “Hot Boy,” their debut track from last July.

Our favorite song off of the Blossom album from BIGSTAR would have to be “What To Do Tomorrow.” It’s like a smoother version of an N’Sync track from back in the day. And what’s great is that the Blossom album as a complete package is as enjoyable as BIGSTAR’s overall group package. If you’re not acquainted with BIGSTAR yet, just know that there’s rap, dancing and vocal greatness waiting to be enjoyed. Let’s put it this way, we’re on board for whatever Brave Brothers’ new boys want to give us.

Aren’t you?

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