Big Hit Entertainment Introduces New Idol Group, GLAM

Big Hit Entertainment Introduces New Idol Group, GLAM
Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | July 19, 2012

Today is shaping up to be a rookie-heavy day here on MTV K. Big Hit Entertainment unveiled their new idols this week, welcome the five sassy ladies of GLAM. Three parts attitude and two parts quirky, GLAM may very well break out of the pack and survive the recent rush of group debuts.Miso, Trinity, Zinni, Jiyeon and Dahee make up the dance fivesome, and boy, have they got the moves. It’s not often that we see girl groups with choreography like theirs, and we’re fairly certain we haven’t seen a b-girl in an idol group, ever. Zinni, the group’s eldest member, cranked out a serious 2000 in the “Party (XXO)” MV, and dropped breakdancing moves left and right in dance practice videos on the group’s YouTube channel.



Image Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

“Party (XXO)” is the group’s only track at the moment, but one of the members were featured on Jo Kwon‘s solo project album last month. Check out “Heaven” ft. Miso right here.


From Left to Right: Jiyeon, Dahee, Zinni, Trinity, Miso

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