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Big Bang’s Taiwan Ticket Carries a Hefty Price Tag

Big Bang’s Taiwan Ticket Carries a Hefty Price Tag
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By Janine Bower | August 17, 2012

Setting records and beating the odds seems like chump change for the boys of Big Bang. But their fans in Taiwan just got the news in an unexpected place—their wallets.

For the first time in Taiwanese history, Big Bang has broken the record for the highest priced Korean performance ever. Of course the spectacular barrage of high-energy stages throughout the Big Bang Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012 shouldn’t and doesn’t come cheap. Although Taiwan now faces the brunt of YG Entertainment‘s wallet-emptying wrath. The highest priced ticket for the concert rings in at $7,300 Taiwanese dollars, or around $243 USD. Yeah, we almost had a heart attack when we saw that first number, too.

While $243 doesn’t seem that far-fetched stateside (VIP tickets for SM Town Live in L.A. this year went for $300), it’s still a pretty steep cost. And even their lower priced tickets ranging from $800TWD (~$27USD), and middle-ranged prices from $2,500TWD to $6,800TWD (~$83USD to ~$227USD) have set Taiwanese records. Next to other Korean performers in Taiwan, how does that compare? Previously, the highest price paid for a Korean concert went to actor and musician Jang Geun Suk, whose Cri Show II went for $6,800TWD (~$227USD) a pop. Super Junior’s Super Show 4 only went for about $160USD, while SHINee‘s SHINee World Concert was at most $140. Way to go, Big Bang, way to go.

Since Big Bang will be hitting Taipei for the very first time on October 20 and 21 of this year, we’re guessing ticket prices won’t be a problem when they go on sale on August 19 at 11am. Just getting tickets will probably be the biggest issue knowing how fast Big Bang fans can tear up ticket servers

via Yahoo! Taiwan

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