Baek A Yeon Will “Always” Sound Phenomenal…

Baek A Yeon Will “Always” Sound Phenomenal…
Photo Credit: AQ Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 20, 2012

Baek A Yeon‘s stellar vocals go together with piano accompaniment like peanut butter goes with jelly. There’s something about the combination that just works. And now, the reality K-pop Star turned AQ Entertainment powerhouse shows off her own piano skills in her recently released MV, “Always,” featuring Lee Jin Wook and ODD EYE.

Previously, we got a stripped down version of Baek A Yeon’s incredible voice in the Classic Version of her debut single, “Sad Song.” That track also featured the piano addition of Lee Jin Wook, and the orchestral sounds of ODD EYE, a three-person string instrument group. But this time around, Baek A Yeon shows off her own instrumental abilities, relegating the piano work to Lee Jin Wook only when she needs to belt out this song’s monster chorus.

Baek A Yeon’s vocals for “Always” tug right at the heart strings, ripping their way into our ears effortlessly. A Yeon is such a powerful vocalist, and it looks like she isn’t even trying to produce the unparalleled blast of her voice. For being a rookie, it’s kind of awesome that she already  acts like a seasoned ballad pro. She rocks such a poignant tune easily, and in a calmer, more intimate setting is exactly what was necessary for a track like “Always.” No fluff, just beautiful presentation in every sense of the word. What a performance, Baek A Yeon. Brava.

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