B.A.P Reveals Fourth Member Dae Hyun

B.A.P Reveals Fourth Member Dae Hyun
Bang Yong Gook and Dae Hyun -- Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

By Ellie Lee | January 16, 2012

Now that rookie boy group B.A.P is just days away from their anticipated debut TS Entertainment has officially revealed the group’s fourth member Dae Hyun in full B.A.P fashion.

Unlike his fellow members, Bang Yong Gook, Zelo, and Himchan, who have already been in the limelight before, this is the first time fans have had the chance to see these two members suited up in official K-pop form.

TS Entertainment released two of the members’ individual album jacket covers and it’s clear to see that B.A.P is taking guy-liner and blonde hair to a new level. Leader Bang Yook Gook’s luscious lips and perfectly-lined eyes go perfectly with his platinum blonde do and Michael Jackson red zipper jacket.

Based on looks alone, B.A.P’s fourth member Dae Hyun is already hands down my favorite member of the group. His near-perfect facial features have given him the nickname Busan’s Wonbin, which is a huge compliment for any male, especially a rookie idol! Rocking a similar zipper jacket in blue, Dae Hyun looks like a Hallyu star in the making. Born in ’93, the Busan-born singer is the group’s main vocalist.

Album jacket photos for Zelo, Jong Up, Himchan and Young Jae will be released soon as well. Could B.A.P be the next male group to take the K-pop world by storm?

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