B.A.P Releases No Mercy Mini-Album

B.A.P Releases No Mercy Mini-Album

Boom. Clap. Boom Boom Clap.

By Corynn Smith | July 18, 2012

The boys of B.A.P make it clear in their new track “No Mercy” that they have no time for fakes or wannabes. Their mini-album of the same name dropped today, along with the title song’s music video. To say fans are excited, would be a gross understatement.B.A.P is confident, full of attitude and bend for no one; but we’ve known that since their debut. Besides lyrics that direct all haters to the left, this B.A.P song also features a few quirky elements that further help set the group apart from the pack of 2012 rookies. Did you catch Bang Yong Guk and Zelo slip into Satoori in their rap verses? How about the samulnori (traditional Korean percussion music) after the second chorus?


In order to create an album that showcased B.A.P’s talent and strong image, the group worked again with composer Kim Ki Bum and producer Marco. “Goodbye,” which was released early last week, was arranged by TOP (not to be confused with Big Bang’s T.O.P) and featured the guitarist from Seo Taiji’s band.


Image Credit: TS Entertainment

01. “Goodbye”
02. “No Mercy”
03. “Voicemail”
04. “Dancing in the Rain”
05. “What My Heart Tells Me to Do”

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