B.A.P Releases “Power” MV!

B.A.P Releases “Power” MV!
Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | April 26, 2012

B.A.P proves once again why they are the top rookies this year with their new track and MV! Their signature aggressive vocal style and choreography is so intense that I was exhausted just watching them make this comeback. It’s a welcome change of pace from the back-to-back girl group releases that were fierce and fabulous, but didn’t quite make it into the “BOSS” category where these boys apparently live. B.A.P definitely has the “Power,” and we can’t get enough!

The boys of B.A.P. are back with a bang and continue to rock their “strong and aggressive” style, complete with all the stomps, growls and sneers that captured the attention of fans back in January with their debut single “Warrior.”  Self-confidence coupled with their undeniable sense of swagger elevates these rookies into a class all their own, and it’s super obvious in the MV they released yesterday. Even the choreography for “Power” is totally swag: a blend of crumping, b-boy footwork and stepping set the sound and visual of the song’s message– rebellion– perfectly. The lyrics tell the listener to rebel against injustice, fight against the idea that money and status are everything, and that the source of true power is within themselves.


“Power” does a great job of encompassing the mini-album’s theme in its entirety. With titles like “Fight For Freedom,” “What the Hell” and “All Lies,” all four songs follow the title track’s train of thought, which helps foster a fully cohesive concept.  Remember to support the artist by purchasing the album!


01. “Album Intro – Fight for Freedom”
02. “Power”
03. “What the Hell”
04. “All Lies”

What do you guys think? Did B.A.P disappoint or live up to their in-your-face image? 

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