Aziatix, Jaurim and Idiotape Team Up With Converse for Original Track

Aziatix, Jaurim and Idiotape Team Up With Converse for Original Track
Image Credit: Converse

By Corynn Smith | May 30, 2012

What happens when you combine an indie rock icon, rising hip-hop stars and an award-winning electronic act? Fashion company Converse knows, and for their eighth installment in the Three Artists. One Song platform, Korean artists Jaurim, Aziatix and Idiotape teamed up to create an original song entitled, “#Peepshow.” This is Converse’s first-ever Korea based leg of the campaign, with past collaborations that included the Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy for “Doyathing” as well as A-Trak, Mark Foster and Kimbra for “Warrior“.

Every trio of talent brought together by Converse thus far has brought us something unique and genre-bending, and “#Peepshow” is no exception. The song weaves together three distint music styles; Idiotape’s electronic sound and driving bassline carries and connects Aziatix’s signature rapping with Jaurim’s vocals. The song was produced by all three artists with Jaurim’s Kim Yuna handling the lyrics and composition, Idiotape joining in for the arrangement, while Aziatix’s Flowsik created the rap. “By not limiting ourselves to any specific instrument or genre,” said DGURU, Idiotape’s frontman, “we were able to come up with a very original and unique sound.”

Oh, by the way–”#Peepshow” and other Three Artists. One Song projects are free to download. Awesome.

“Converse embraces a rebellious young audience and the notion of self-expression,” said Eddie Shin, lead vocalist from Aziatix. “With “#PeepShow,” we wanted to elevate this young voice and inspire creativity among music fans in Korea and beyond.” (via play.converse)

The original purpose of Converse’s Three Artists. One Song was to invite artists to come together and express themselves through an original track. Now that this unique music platform has launched in the Asia-Pacific region, it is “widening the scope for the celebration of international music talent.” Here, here.

Stay tuned for the music video for “#PeepShow” will premiere on Converse’s main website in June.

Would you give this collaboration track thumbs up or down? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to MTV K for more K-music updates!

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