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‘Answer Me 1997′ to Remake ’90s Hits for OST

‘Answer Me 1997′ to Remake ’90s Hits for OST
Photo Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | August 28, 2012

How caught up are you on your K-dramas? tvN sitcom Answer Me 1997 released part one of its [Love Story] tie-in soundtrack collection this week. Reinterpreting a love song by ’90s idol group COOL, A Pink‘s Eunji and former Superstar K contestant Seo In Guk took a break from their roles as the main couple in the drama and lent their music personas to the soundtrack.

The [Love Story] cover series is a genius marketing move for a show that thrives on nostalgia. Answer Me 1997‘s target audience, adults in their mid to late 20s, grew up with the originals and will be curious, if not excited, to hear more remakes of what they jammed to on the radio or stood in line for hours to hear live. With more ’90s cover singles on track for release in the next couple of weeks, these OST tracks are the perfect vehicle to recycle some nostalgic end-of-the-century hits.

With footage from the recording studio and the sitcom as the backdrop, the “All for You” music video creates a visual of what the song (and ultimately the sitcom) is all about: young love.


Answer Me 1997 is enjoying a considerable amount of praise and recognition for its accurate portrayal of life in the late ’90s in South Korea. Well — life through the eyes of an obsessed H.O.T. fan girl and her colorful group of friends. Eunji and Seo In Guk, while still technically rookie idols, display stellar acting chops as the sitcom’s tumultuous main couple. Now if only their onscreen counterparts could get along as well as these two do in the studio….

Image Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment; A Cube Entertainment; CJ E&M


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