Andamiro Releases Three MVs for Mini-Album Hypnotize

Andamiro Releases Three MVs for Mini-Album Hypnotize
Image Credit: Trophy Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | September 20, 2012

Andamiro made her dramatic comeback today with her first mini-album, Hypnotize. Seriously though, we must have racked up some seriously good karma recently because Trophy Entertainment released not one, but three music videos to accompany the title song and two of its remixes.

Passionate lyrics and unrelenting synth loops make dance track “Hypnotize” a great listen, even if we’re more than a little disturbed by the song and the contents of its MV. Driven by manic desire to capture her love’s attention, Andamiro’s maid character doesn’t so much hypnotize the master of the house, she straight up knocks him out. Well… We hope he’s just knocked out.

Unsettling antics aside, Andamiro is an impressive rookie. In addition to her unique, raspy voice, she’s also able to fully command the attention of the viewer— an invaluable skill for newbies in a saturated market like that of Korean pop. Rather than acting generically ‘cute’ or ‘sexy,’ Andamiro commits completely to this nutcase character, further pulling the viewer into the world of her music video.



If you aren’t “Hypnotize”-d out yet, there’s yet another version available. Areia’s promised official K-pop remix was uploaded to his own YouTube channel at the time of the mini-album’s release. #WIN


Once you factor in the four remixes of “Hypnotize,” a ten track-mini album doesn’t seem quite so unusual. Joining the lead track on the mini are the more clubbish, electronic dance tracks “Fever” and “I Don’t Care,” straight pop tracks “Good Luck to You” and “Dr. Feel Good,” and our old favorite, Andamiro’s debut single “Don’t Ask.”


Image Credit: Trophy Entertainment

01. “Hypnotize” (Original Ver.)
02. “Fever”
03. “I Don’t Care” ft. Dani B. and Jonathan Carey
04. “Good Luck to You”
05. “Dr. Feel Good”
06. “Don’t Ask” ft. YDG
07. “Hypnotize” (English Ver.)
08. “Hypnotize” (Areia Balkan Ver.)
09. “Hypnotize” (Extended Club Mix Ver.)
10. “Hypnotize” (English Extended Club Mix Ver.)

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