AA Drop An “AGEHA Dance” MV Before Their Comeback

AA Drop An “AGEHA Dance” MV Before Their Comeback
Photo Credit: Wellmade StarM

By Janine Bower | October 3, 2012

Nearly a year after their debut, AA (pronounced Double A) has just released a special music video. Called “AGEHA Dance,” the five boys of AA are technically back, even though this MV is just a special release before their official comeback scheduled for later this month.

Now, of course the biggest news so far is that AA’s music video “AGEHA Dance” showcases AA’s winning charm ahead of schedule. It’s cute, fun, and was actually filmed by the AA members themselves. Referencing the world-famous AgeHa nightclub in Tokyo, Japan, “AGEHA Dance” tells fans to never stop dancing and brings us a behind-the-scenes look at the AA members.

But that’s not the neatest trick AA has prepared for their return this month. Starting on October 8, AA will be releasing 20 preview teasers before their official comeback. Much like SM Entertainment‘s rookie group EXO had with their 23 teasers, AA plans on showcasing a buffet of talent.

However, while EXO has twelve members to spread out, AA only has five. It’s going to be interesting seeing how much content they can keep fresh throughout 20 separate teasers. Also, none of those 20 teasers will use audio from AA’s actual title track which at the moment is unknown. OK, we’re curious: just what are they going to show us?

Do you think AA has bitten off more than they can chew? Or maybe an entire year of planning since their debut last October will bring us something special?

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