A-JAX Releases Pre-Debut MV

A-JAX Releases Pre-Debut MV

By Corynn Smith | May 15, 2012

A-JAX, the newest male idol group from DSP Media has uploaded a full music video onto their YouTube channel! Though their official debut is scheduled for later this month, A-JAX has been very visible for the past month via video teasers for each member and a television reality show that followed their training progress under the temporary name “DSP Boyz.”

To put focus on the members’ vocals before their visual appeal, you never actually see A-JAX in their pre-release music video, “Never Let Go.” In fact, the star of the MV is none other than label mate KARA‘s Goo Hara.


Leading up to the air date for the reality program Making the Star: DSP Boyz, DSP released individual teasers for members Hyeongkon, Jaehyung, Yunyoung, Hyojun, Sungmin, Seungyub and Seungjin. On April 23, the group’s temporary name was dropped, revealing the new one– AJAX— as the official name. According to TV Daily, in order to become “heroes” in the unforgiving world of idol entertainment, the name was chosen to reference the mythological hero that helped bring victory to the Greeks in the Trojan War.


On May 1, DSP also revealed plans through SBS News Center to debut A-JAX in Japan this August, immediately after their promotions in Korea. Since the disbandment of A’st1 (A-Style) in 2009 and the expiration of SS501‘s contract in 2010, A-JAX is DSP Media’s first boy group in almost five years. The new guys will be joining KARA, Rainbow and a future DSP girl-group as label mates.

Stay tuned to MTV K for more K-pop updates!

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