A Classical Twist on Baek A Yeon’s “Sad Song”

A Classical Twist on Baek A Yeon’s “Sad Song”
Photo Credit: AQ Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 14, 2012

As if Baek A-Yeon‘s powerhouse debut wasn’t gorgeous enough. JYP Entertainment‘s latest addition, by way of AQ Entertainment, has released a “Classic Version” of her debut track, “Sad Song.” Baek A Yeon, of K-Pop Star fame, lets her unearthly vocal strength speak for itself in this latest MV, alongside the accompaniment of Lee Jin Wook on the piano, and the classical string trio, Odd Eye.

In this version, we get a stripped down arrangement of Baek A Yeon’s debut single, which is currently ripping up the Korean music charts with an all-kill (a simultaneous number one rank on every Korean realtime music chart). In the original music video for “Sad Song,” the musical styling of this tune came off stunning and surprising, specifically because Baek A Yeon’s voice jumped from a low and soft range, into a seemly effortless belt-a-thon, complete with epic accompaniment to go with it. But with just Lee Jin Wook’s piano, and Odd Eye’s three string instruments, we’re given a chance to see Baek A Yeon hold her own, purifying our experience of her incredible vocals.

Of course, both versions of Baek A Yeon’s “Sad Song” MV are absolutely phenomenal. If you’re in the mood for beautiful special effects and a stronger musical flavor to this song, we suggest you go for the original version. However if you would like to see Baek A Yeon’s vocals presented in a much simpler and intimate way, you’re going to want to stick with the Classic Version of “Sad Song.”

Either way, we’d love to know which one is your favorite. Let us know in the comments section below.

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