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2PM’s Nichkhun Reaches Settlement with Drunk Driving Victim

2PM’s Nichkhun Reaches Settlement with Drunk Driving Victim
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

By Janine Bower | August 2, 2012

Last week we reported on 2PM member Nichkhun‘s drunk driving accident on the morning of July 24 in Seoul, South Korea. After Nichkhun announced his hiatus from current 2PM activities, we’re glad to hear that he has reached a settlement with the gentlemen involved in the DUI accident.

On July 24, Nichkhun was driving with a .056 blood alcohol level when a motorcyclist, one Mr. Park aged 52, collided with his car. After he was rushed to the hospital, word came to light that Nichkhun had drunk two beers before getting behind the wheel, and that such actions might cost the singer jail time depending on the severity of the motorcyclist’s injuries. Current developments now suggest that the driver of the motorcycle has reached a settlement with Nichkun’s legal representatives who recently visited him in the hospital. And interestingly, the Kangnam Police Department has no plans on contacting Nichkun for a follow-up investigation set for August 3.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that not only does the idol remain without his license, which was suspended  as a result of the debacle, but he will remain on hiatus without participating in the upcoming JYP Nation concerts, or JYP Entertainment‘s Fan’s Day event. Nichkhun, we miss you already.

See here for more information regarding Nichkhun’s tragic accident.

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