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2PM and Son Dambi Delay Comebacks

2PM and Son Dambi Delay Comebacks
Photo Credits: Pledis Entertainment; JYP Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | August 24, 2012

Fans of beastly idol group 2PM and solo diva Son Dambi will have to wait just a little longer for new music releases. Comeback plans for both parties have, unfortunately, been delayed.A year away from 2011′s Hands Up, 2PM was on track for a September return after their extended run of promotions in Japan. However, in light of member Nichkhun’s DUI scandal, their album release plans were put on hold and JYP Entertainment has yet to announce a new date.

There’s a more concrete timeline for Son Dambi’s rescheduled comeback, but we’ve been down this road before. Twice, in fact. In order to accommodate the episode extension for her drama Light and Shadow, Son Dambi’s album release was postponed first to August, and then again to September. The most resent hold up, according to Pledis Entertainment, is due to choreography modification. The dancing queen’s comeback is now set for early October.

Don’t fret, loyal fans. A month goes by so very quickly in K-pop time. Your faves will be back before you know it.

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