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2NE1 Under Fire for Comeback Stage Decorations

2NE1 Under Fire for Comeback Stage Decorations

Just the living ones, anyway.

By Corynn Smith | July 13, 2012

2NE1 returned to live music stages early this week in promotion of their new digital single “I Love You.”  YG Entertainment pulled out all the stops for the comeback performance of the one of the top girl groups in K-pop, which included an extravagant set, dynamic camerawork, killer lighting and  live exotic animals… wait, what?Fans expected to see leader CL strut her stuff on the Inkigayo stage on July 8, just not with a live parrot firmly attached to her shoulder and swans surrounding the stage.


Viewer reactions to the performance were almost exclusively about the animals, rather than the girls’ execution of the song . Some even accused 2NE1 of borderline animal cruelty. Most expressed their disappointment in the agency’s judgement. “It’s a pity to see such a talented group making a poor decision. Animals get stressed out under the lights used at studios,” said Kim Hyun Sung, the editor of environmental magazine OhBoy!. (via

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