24K’s Cory Shows Off His Moves in a Dubstep Teaser

24K’s Cory Shows Off His Moves in a Dubstep Teaser
Photo Credit: Choeun Entertainment

By Janine Bower | August 24, 2012

The newbies of 24K (pronounced two-four-k) have just teased what they’ve got planned. The group’s leader Cory has his own teaser, and yes, we get a taste of some awesome dubstep too.

Fast, furious and really freaking cool, this teaser doesn’t skimp out on its full-throttle use of dubstep. Too many K-pop artists only feature a snippet here and there before pulling back from the mechanical sound. And sure, this is just a 46-second teaser. But we can’t be the only ones itching for a complete K-pop/dubstep fusion. How awesome would it be if this turned into a full track on 24K’s debut album?

Now some of you might not enjoy dubstep and that’s cool. But Cory’s teaser is so awesome (with whoever was driving donuts around the dancing idol), that dubstep seems like a perfect option to this teaser’s high energy. Just picture something like Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee” as this teaser’s background track. It just wouldn’t fit.

Do keep in mind that 24K’s debut has a lot more to offer than just dubstep. Last June, Choeun Entertainment debuted their rookie group 4K, and has already put some of their music videos onto YouTube. 24K has all of that vocal talent plus two more dancers. Wanna see how dope their sub-unit looks in action? Take a look at their first teaser for “Formula,” and go ahead and get as excited as we are. Seriously.

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