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Seoul, South KoreaWishful Thinking
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Wishful Thinking

What's on your wish list these days? A romantic vacation? The glamorous life? A breakup undone? Or perhaps a playlist full of wishful music videos by your favorite K-pop...
Seoul, South KoreaKARA to Skip Dream Concert ’14

KARA to Skip Dream Concert ’14

Now that former KARA members Nicole and Jiyoung are settling into their new routines apart from the group, DSP Media seems to be on a mission to convince fans that KARA...
Seoul, South KoreaEXO to Re-Split for Next Mini-Album

EXO to Re-Split for Next Mini-Album

An EXO comeback is upon us! EXO comebacks, to be specific; The 12-member group will split back into their K and M units for local promotions in Korea and China. ...
Seoul, South KoreaWelcome Back, Spring!
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Welcome Back, Spring!

Spring has arrived at MTV K headquarters in NYC! With the cold days on their way out and warm weather is rolling in, we're in the mood for delightfully spring-y MVs by...
Seoul, South KoreaPSY and Big Bang Generate Comeback Buzz

PSY and Big Bang Generate Comeback Buzz

With 2NE1's comeback and album promotions safely under way, attention has turned to the next YG Family members in line for new music releases!  Here's the current buzz:...
Seoul, South KoreaUnder Your Spell
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Under Your Spell

Got someone on your mind in a "I literally can't think about anything else" kind of way? We know that feel, and so do your K-pop faves. The question is: Are you smitten...