Seoul, South Korea

Plastic Kid’s Ambient Delightful Hip-Hop Soul

Plastic Kid’s Ambient Delightful Hip-Hop Soul

The Seoul-based Polymath Digs Crates and Rebuilds Disco in his own image.

By Suyeon Kim
June 6, 2012

Name: Plastic Kid

Where he’s from: Seoul, Korea

Genre: Hip-hop soul

When he started: 2002

Most Similar: DJ Shadow, Beach House

Sounds like: If hip-hop were martial arts, then Plastic Kid would be judo — re-directing others’ energy and using it for his own powerful purpose.

The headline: I know. How many adjectives can a sentence take before it just collapses? But I feel like Plastic Kid can handle it. Not because the Korean DJ-producer-photographer is thuggish like a tank, but because he’s flexible like a martial arts monk. The music on his debut album lucid dreams (freely downloadable) floats from disco, to early hip-hop beats, to the late 90s beat renaissance, to, I don’t know, you could make cases for Radiohead, chillwave and elevator music too. The point is, the man is not afraid to draw from his influences, yet he comes out with some vision that’s mad particular.

This is the kind of music that you’d play in your house on those days when you’re feel like being in your own house is the coolest place on the planet. Kick-back but groovy, it’s like Donna Summer meets Beach House, and it all gets remixed by DJ Shadow. Yummers.

He’s planning on another album for this summer, and I’m curious where this next one will take him. He’s been so active in other areas, hanging with his 360 Sounds boys and revolutionizing DJ culture in Seoul and photographing neat people across the world that he’s got to be thinking some different thoughts. And Plastic Kid strikes me as the kind of artist who goes wherever his ideas take him. After all, when Creators Project asked him to name his music’s genre, he said, “Essay.”

Speak brother. Or don’t. Cause the music speaks for you.

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