K-POP DICTIONARY: Sunbae, Hoobae

K-POP DICTIONARY: Sunbae, Hoobae

By Sunny Kim
October 6, 2010

Have you ever had to stop gushing about how much you love Girls’ Generation and explain to some newbie what “fighting” means? What aegyo is? Does anyone really know what the strict definition of hoobae is? Well, it’s time to stop arguing. Let’s open up MTV K’s K-Pop Dictionary and get on the same page.

Rain is a great example of a sunbae gone power-hungry. He’s a star with years of experience and he makes sure MBLAQ doesn’t forget it.

Take the Joon and Rain chicken incident.

Joon talks about how Rain told him to be more comfortable around him and be assertive. Rain even said to Joon, “ask me to buy you a meal!” So when Rain was in a good mood, Joon asked him with aegyo, “Hyung, buy me chicken!”

Rain asked them to perform for him first and when they were done practicing, he suddenly yelled, “After practicing like that, you still want to eat chicken!?”

2NE1′s Minzy may be Gummy’s hoobae but they share a close relationship! The youngest member of 2NE1 and YG Entertainment’s only soloist send each other flowers and watch each other’s concerts. This is what a sunbae/hoobae relationship should be like! Cough, Rain.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

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