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Indie ID: Glen Check

Indie ID: Glen Check
Photo Credit: Soundholic Entertainment

By Anna Park
June 15, 2012

In the second installment of MTV K’s Indie ID, we’re putting the spotlight on one of the fastest rising rookie bands of Seoul’s live music scene, Glen Check. Signed to Jaurim’s Soundholic label, this young trio is currently comprised of members Kim June One (guitar and vocals), Kang Hyuk Jun (synth and bass) and Ryu Jeon Yeol (drums).

While attending high school together, June One and Hyuk Jun made up their mind to seriously pursue music. They formed a band called The Closure after graduation, but then quickly realized they wanted to go in a different direction. “It was really quiet and boring music, so we wanted to create something more interesting,” admits June One. “We decided we wanted a third person, so we looked for a drummer and came up with the name Glen Check.” Glen Check is originally a type of plaid, but the boys tell us they didn’t put much thought into the meaning. “We just liked the way it sounded.”

“Bataille!” + “French Virgin Party” MV

Though much of the music they’ve put out so far is synth-rock and electro-pop, the trio doesn’t want to be signed off to any specific genre. Applauded for their uninhibited experimentation in both music and visuals, Glen Check most recently won Rookie of the Year at the 2011 Mint Paper Awards last winter. Er, not that it really meant anything to them. “Is that what that interview was for? I remember being handed something,” Hyuk Jun smiles. When asked if there were any awards they would care about winning, they all shrugged. “Well, it’s not like we make music to win awards. Maybe one with a lot of prize money?”

“Racket” MV

Kim June One & Kang Hyuk Jun - Photo Credit: Soundholic Ent.

Their first full-length album, Haute Couture, is a good sampling of what Glen Check is all about. The beeping synth line and June One’s soft delivery of simple, repetitive English lyrics have become signature traits of the band. (See “Vogue Boys and Girls“).

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that the Glen Check you hear through your headphones and the Glen Check on stage are two completely different characters. The band places emphasis and a whole lot of pride on their live shows, pouring their energy into stage design, developing live sessions, constantly creating new mixes — they’ve even got their own live-in VJ!

Check out the promo spot for their solo concert from last December below to get an idea of what it’s like to see them live, and stay tuned for Episode 5 of MTV K’s B-Sides, featuring an exclusive interview and four different performances from Glen Check.

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