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Indie ID: Eluphant

Indie ID: Eluphant
Photo Credit: Soul Company

By Chris Choi
March 5, 2013

Name: Eluphant (이루펀트)
Members: Minos and Kebee
Where You’ll Find Them: Working on their latest projects within Soul Company
What They Sound Like: Funky and upbeat hip hop/r&b
Fun Fact:  Minos is actually a member of other project groups, including Soulman & Minos and Noisemob.
Tracks You Need to Hear: “Star Candy,” “Still Beautiful,” “Superstar”

The story of hip hop duo Eluphant is a bit interesting. Rappers Kebee and Minos formed Eluphant as a project group under Soul Company back in 2006, but the tag-team duo collaborate regularly enough to release just as much material together as they do individually. Not that we’re complaining.

Soul Company, which was co-founded by Kebee, is one of the labels that propelled the Korean underground hip-hop scene into what it is today, cultivating artists like The Quiett, Crucial Star, and Rhyme-A. Until its dissolution in 2011, the label frequently combined the talents of its artists to make collaborative albums, a project-group system that birthed Eluphant, among others.

Minos and Kebee are very complimentary in their rapping. They form a dynamic team that can pull off the playful goofy style of “Superstar” (above) in addition to more relaxing tracks like “Hello My Dear.” Through it all, they manage to keep all their music uniquely Eluphant. Picture the emotive style of Geeks combined with the smooth sounds of producers like Ra.D and Primary. Now there’s a thought that’ll give any Korean music lover chills.

The duo regularly features prominent artists like 10cmBumkey, and Jung In. These guest artists always compliment the rapping talents of Eluphant to help shape the smooth sound that defines their music. For example, working with Doojoon from Beast on “kidult,” resulted in something totally different from “Star Candy” with Bumkey, but the song fits snugly with the vocals that Doojoon brings to the table. Branching out to K-pop has yet to become a tradition for Eluphant, but we’re hoping for some more idol collaborations on future releases.

Since their debut, the group has put out three full-length albums, Eluphant Bakery, Man on Earth, and Apollo. They may be labeled as a project group, but they’ve got a ton of material for you to discover, so what are you waiting for? If you like what you hear, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll love all of Eluphant’s work, thanks to their consistent style throughout the years.

After the release of Apollo this past summer, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed for a 2013 comeback. Patience starts to run out once you’ve played entire discographies over and over for months on end.

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