Indie ID: Dalmoon

Indie ID: Dalmoon

By Chris Choi
September 28, 2012

Our fourth edition of Indie ID brings us a unique group by the name of Dalmoon or Oksang Dalbit, which means “Rooftop Moonlight” in Korean. This female duo consists of Kim Yoon-Joo and Park Se-jin who play the acoustic guitar and the xylophone, respectively. And yes, you read that right, a xylophone.

Dalmoon officially debuted back in 2010 with their first EP, titled Oktap Ladyo, under the Magic Strawberry Sound label. Catching the attention of listeners with it’s folk style, the EP drew parallels to folk-indie superstars, 10cm. Dalmoon’s music, however, includes a large variety of sounds from the obvious guitar and piano to the uncommon, like the xylophone and melodica.

“Good Work Today” Performance

While they’ve only released just two albums since their debut, Dalmoon has been featured on five different collaborative albums and OST’s including Life which featured 10cm’s “Tonight I’m Afraid of the Dark.” But the comparisons between Dalmoon and 10cm end there. In an interview with Mnet the girls expressed, “We wish people would stop comparing us. Just because they’re a male duo and we’re a female duo, we don’t have very much in common. They’re good and we’re good friends that’s all. They sing well and their music is good.” Check out 10cm and Dalmoon’s collaboration performance on Pop-Up TV.

“Softness” Collaboration Performance

What you get from Dalmoon’s music is an acoustic sound that you just can’t help but just sit back and relax to. The upbeat and carefree feeling that comes from their music wouldn’t be out of place in a coffee shop. So if you’re looking to wind down, this is definitely the group for you. And don’t mistake them for artsy, super serious, hipsters either. These girls take their music seriously, however quirky they may seem. But just like their music, they definitely have a playful side as well. Just look at their live performance of “Rooftop Moonlight,” which includes “backdancers” in the infamous horse masks.

Dalmoon’s claim to fame are their appearances on the original soundtracks of dramas like their self-titled song “Rooftop Moonlight” in Pasta and “Teddy Bear” in My Princess. The popularity they gained through these OST tracks even landed them appearances on popular music shows, like Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and Propose. We like them.

Be sure to check out Dalmoon’s music, and let us know if you know of any other bands you would like to see featured on Indie ID in the comments below!


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