2PM Brings Their GO CRAZY Tour Stateside

2PM Brings Their GO CRAZY Tour Stateside

November 28, 2014
6 years since their debut and 4 years since opening for the Wonder Girls on their stateside tour, boy band 2PM finally embarked on their own world tour this year — which meant returning to the States for four stops where hundreds of Hottests gathered to...
New York City, United StatesB1A4′s US ‘Road Trip’ Takes Off in NYC

B1A4's US 'Road Trip' Takes Off in NYC

October 13, 2014
Five-piece K-pop boyband B1A4 kicked off the US run of their first world tour in NYC, so of course MTV K had to be there! Rolling in like a final slice of summer, the October 3 concert filled Times Square’s Best Buy Theater with both East Coast BANAs...
New York City, United StatesBlock B Takes New York for US Showcase Tour

Block B Takes New York for US Showcase Tour

“Do you wanna B?!” Block B fans all around the world have been waiting to hear that greeting live and in person since the group’s debut in 2011. And the moment finally arrived for BBCs in the greater New...
Seoul, South KoreaGoonam Shows The Jazzy Side Of K-Indie

Goonam Shows The Jazzy Side Of K-Indie

Name: Goonamguayeoridingstella (or Goonam for short) Where They're From: Seoul, South Korea Genre: K-Indie (aka Korean indie rock) For Fans Of:  Super Kidd, Yellow Monsters Sounds Like: A little bit of jazz, a little bit of chillwave, a...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: March, Week 1

Side Chatter: March, Week 1

The K-Pop world doesn't slow down for anyone, so we've narrowed down this week's top stories just for you.  Here's what happened in K-Entertainment for the first week of March:  (more...)
Seoul, South KoreaIndie ID: Eluphant

Indie ID: Eluphant

Name: Eluphant (이루펀트) Members: Minos and Kebee Where You’ll Find Them: Working on their latest projects within Soul Company What They Sound Like: Funky and upbeat hip hop/r&b Fun Fact:  Minos is actually a member of other project groups, including...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: February, Week 4

Side Chatter: February, Week 4

Another week, another round of industry updates! Check out the latest chart-toppers, collabos, international news and more for the final week of February, 2013, below. (more...)